What is green infrastructure? Why has the concept become so popular in recent years? What role does it play in the battle against climate change?

Green infrastructure can be defined as a strategically planned network of high-quality nature and semi-nature areas including other environmental elements, which is designed and managed so as to provide a broad array of ecosystem services and protect biodiversity in rural and urban areas.

This infrastructure leads to advantages such as improved quality of life and well-being, greater biodiversity, protection against climate change, and a more intelligent, resilient and integrated approach to sustainable development. Developing green infrastructure is therefore essential in order to reach sustainability targets in urban and rural settings, but there is still a long way to go in terms of innovation before it can actually be implemented in those areas.


The city of Zaragoza is a pioneering municipality when it comes to integrating natural environments in the city, promoting the use of sustainable energy sources and similar initiatives. This makes it the perfect location to host an international meeting to promote the development of green infrastructure in Europe.

The initiative is part of the activities lined up for the LIFE “Zaragoza Natural” project. The aim is to provide a forum in which to exchange experiences, hold debates and raise awareness of green infrastructure in order to share knowledge, build bridges and foster alliances among the players in the sector.

Speakers of great renown backed by noteworthy careers will be presenting their experience on implementing green infrastructure in several cities in Spain. They will also be discussing the future of green infrastructure from a technical, regulatory and sustainability perspective.

A multi-discipline approach towards green infrastructure requires close co-operation between players from the fields of innovation, urban development, planning, government bodies, businesses, technology and more, and they will need to share a vision that can enable sustainability targets to be met. The meeting intends to bring these players together and encourage all attendants to get involved with the aim of joining forces towards a more sustainable future.


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